Wesley's STCCG card of the day #148

Hi, folks,

if there's one thing AU did for us, it's that they finally introduced a few really INTERESTING missions, like


Mission, Klingon, Space, rare AU.
SCIENCE x 2 + Navigation + Astrophysics
Span 5 (for the player seeding it) or 1 (for the opponent) 45 points
"Amargosa Diaspora: Investigate Gravity wells in globular cluster."
Kurak + Vekor = 45 ? Not the worst STCCG equation I've heard in the last few weeks. And that's the catch of this card. It is GREAT for your speed - two people and you almost got half a win. The drawback?

It's also GREAT for your opponent's speed, who, probably not playing Klingon will get around this obstacle in Space quite fast...

So, who has more to gain ?

You, the Klingon player are at a desperate disadvantage when it gets to drafting a crew with decent skills. You need quite a lot of people to complete a full away team (though you can add non-aligned crew like Roga Danar and Vekor to supply much-needed classifications). Perhaps try this:

Seed Warped space as close to the end of the spaceline as possible (to minimize your opponent's advantage). Place your outpost there. Try to get a Kurak (or a Torin), a Vekor, a Roga Danar and another MEDICAL. Pretty well prepared for any Dilemma, get the 45 points - and the Cryosatellite with a Kurlan Naiskos and three more key personnel (Gov. Worf, Berlingoff & K'mtar). Add an OFFICER and start blasting everything out of space along with beaming about a little bit and sol- ving one or the other mission...

Your opponent, the Fed rich kid, with all his Bridge crew, has only one solution: Being faster than you. He has all those people, but he'll have to make some distance with limited ship resources (he'll need lotsa events and interrupts to get his crew fast enough and will also need lotsa Seed Cards.) But he'll need two missions to catch up in points as he won't be able to do a 45'er at his outpost that easily. So he'll need to get to another doable mission soon, and this is where your cute Warped Space starts hurting YOU! This one just isn't there for him and he'll be that one location faster...

In the end it will all be a race: Can you blast him out of space or can he collect the 100 before you do so ?

Net result: a beautiful card for both players as it really speeds up a game that sometimes tends to drag a little. Great work!

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : WARPED SPACE

Wesley's rating:                9.0
Cole's rating:                  6.5
Hal's rating:                   ---
Heather's rating:               8.0
John's rating:                  6.0
Lore's rating:                  ---
Matt's rating:                  5.0
Mike's rating:                  5.5
Movar's rating:                 ---
Serge's rating:                 6.0
Tony's rating:                  9.5
Owen's rating:                  7.6
Ian's rating:                   8.9
AVERAGE RATING:                 7.2

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