Wesley's STCCG card of the day #76

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you're waiting intensely, with trembling hands, shaken by my long absence? Even thinking about suicide? Or, worse, about burning your STCCG set :-)? No need for that. Here is:


Personnel, Klingon, rare.
Integrity 6
Cunning 7
Strength 6
SCIENCE, Astrophysics, Computer Skill, Physics, Honor, Staff Star (+).
"Famed female Klingon scientist and warp-field specialist who evaluated the metaphasic shield."
If you need a better Klingon then her, well, you have to wait for the expan- sions. You won't find any in the basic set.

In detail:
Attributes: Solid and balanced. Two 6's and a 7 make her a strong addition to any crew that has to rely on Attributes for solving Dilemmas and missions, but this is not Kurak's main advantage.

Most Klingon Science personnel suffer from the "OK, I am SCIENCE, so why do I need useful skills?" syndrome. (Unfortunately, this also applies to Fed and Rommie science officers. Guess we have to wait for Spock to get a good Fed with SCIENCE.) Not so Kurak. Her skills are all useful.

Honor is the basic "Hi, I'm Klingon" skill. Nonetheless it is quite useful, especially as there are several missions that need more than one Honor. The combination of Astrophysics and Physics is very nice to have if you are playing lots of space missions. Almost 2/3 of these require one of the two skills and the latter does not often come in useful combinations, so it sometimes requires the inclusion of a somewhat weak card. Computer Skill is more like a little bonus if you consider the other skills. Basically, it increases her usefulness on planet missions to something above absolute zero, which helps to make Kurak a well-rounded card and a great addition to any Klingon (and mixed Klin/Fed for that case) deck.

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : KURAK

Wesley's rating:                7.5
Conner's rating:                ---
Phil's rating:                  7.0
Michael's rating:               7.4
Cole's rating:                  8.8
Owen's rating:                  Does not have...
Ian's rating:                   9.2
Jack's rating:                  8.0
Jason's rating:                 8.5
Jeff's rating:                  9.2
AVERAGE RATING:                 8.2

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