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Dilemma, Planet, rare.
To get past, Lwaxan(n)a Troi must be present OR at least one Away Team member must have: Youth OR Music OR STRENGTH>9.
"Sentry of the Parallax Colony. Only allows those whose hearts are joyous to pass."
Keyword of the day: OR. Never seen so many OR's one one "Dilemma". Let's do a quick analysis: Out of 58 Feds, 16 have one or more of the required skills.
For Klingons, the ratio is 9 of 37, for Romulans it's 6 of 27.
Non-aligneds contribute another 3 of 15 to this statistic.

So what ? A probability of about 25% that any randomly chosen crewmember will get past this alone ? An about 25% chance that any randomly assembled team of four will NOT be able to pass ? Oops.

And that's about it. As the skills required for this particular "Dilemma" are not very useful elsewhere it will pretty much come close to random selection when determining whether you have one needed skill or not. Duh.

BTW: This card originally called for "smiling" characters to pass. I ran a quick check on that one to find:
Fed 6/58, Klin 1/37, Rom 3/27 and NAl 1/15. Now this would have made for a good Dilemma, but I understand they did not want the hassle of assembling a list of which characters are considered "smiling" (I used a rather broad interpretation of "smile" to find the above numbers). So they took a *GREAT* card and made it a lousy card. (Why all these OR's ?) Why not just stick with Lwaxana OR Youth ?

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : WIND DANCER

Wesley's rating:             2.0
Lore's rating:               4.3
Owen's rating:               4.8
Ian's rating:                3.0
Jack's rating:               3.5
Jason's rating:              6.5
Cole's rating:               8.0 (Huh?)
AVERAGE RATING:              4.6

PS: The new raters will be on beginning monday. Still have to sort you guys into my database and I don't want to do that until I'm pretty sure all new team members have replied.

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