Habib's STCCG card of the day #13

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The mysterious Card of the Day #13 has been found!!! For some reason no one had it. I was the last hope, but some how my COTD file mysteriously got erased. But after searching through my room, I came across an old pile of COTD's that I had printed out. Sure enough, in that pile was #13. So in case you missed it or you want to add it to your file, I am posting it again. Here it is...
Hello all and welcome to Habib's Card of the Day. Today being the 5th day in ARTIFACT WEEK, we look at another exciting card.


"Statues which open to reveal a multitude of similar but smaller figurines inside, representing the belief that each person is a community of individual voices and desires." Place in hand until played on any ship as an Event card. if ship has all 7 personnel types aboard, its RANGE, WEAPONS, and SHIELDS are all tripled. (Not cumulative)
This is a great artifact if you can get it to work. Once your ship is powered up, it's almost invincible. The problem is getting all the people on the ship. Romulans are probably the hardest deck to use this card with due to the lack of VIP's and civilians. The non-aligned Ishara Yar can help out by being a civilian. Also you can use Amarie, also a non-aligned civilian but with less skills than Ishara. If you are playing as the federation, one of my favorite cards Mot the barber can be used as a civilian. This is the only good use of Mot I can find. Klingon decks will have no trouble getting a VIP, almost all the decent klingons have that personnel type. There are also a couple of klingon civilians. The only big problem with klingons is finding a medical crewman.

In closing, if you are sure you will be able to use this card, I'd put it in your deck. But if getting all the needed personnel is a problem, I wouldn't use it.

Card rating
1=worst 10=best

Habib's rating=7.5
Carmine Zingariello's rating=9.5
Jon Wilson's rating=7
Matt Hubbard's rating=4
Wesley Crusher's rating=6
J. Holt Kernodle's rating=9

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