Habib's STCCG card of the day #6

Greetings fellow ST:CCG fans and welcome to another exciting edition of Habib's Card of the day. Today we look at a card that is needed in every deck. It has been considered one of the most useful cards in the game. It is...


"The state of maximum crew and systems readiness aboard starships."
Plays on table. Allows you to play as many Ship, Personnel, and Equipment cards as desired each turn.
Basically this card is almost needed. It is a great advantage to get this card out. If you get it in the opening draw you are in good shape. Now you can play this card right away and play as many as 6 other cards on that turn. You can get going right away instead of having to play only one personnel a turn and taking about 6 turns before you can actually do anything productive. People usually put 2 or 3 in their deck to make sure they get them out early. However with the new tournement rules it only allows you to have 1 making the card less useful because of the ease to cancel it with Kevin Uxbridge. But even with the new rules you should still put one in your deck, it's one of the most useful cards there is.
*****NEW FEATURE*****
starting now when I review cards I will have a second opinion also. Jack Dracula will also be reviewing the ST:CCG Card of the Day.

card rating 1=worst 10=best

Red Alert!   Habib's rating=9
             Jack's rating=8

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I am sorry to report that there will be no Habib's card of the Day from Sat. March 25 to Sat. April 1. I won't be available to write my daily entry. But I will post until Friday and also look for Habib's Card of the Day to return on Sunday April 2.

Habib (The ST:CCG Lord)

PS. I never knew a couple of little words about the Enterprise could start such a debate. I'd just like to say that I stand by my opinion.