Habib's STCCG card of the day #4

Greetings fellow ST:CCG fans and welcome to another exciting edition of... HABIB'S CARD OF THE DAY

Today we will look at a card we all know and love...


"Benevolent humanoid from Tau Alpha C who could transcend space and time with thought."
Place beside any player's draw deck. That player must draw on extra card at the end of each turn. Also, while in play, nullifies Static Warp Bubble. (Not cumulative.)
This is a great card to get out early. First of all it nullifies the always annoying Static Warp Bubble. Also it lets you draw two cards every turn. So if it's early in the game it lets you get cards out faster allowing you to get a good head start on your opponent.

Usually if you can get this card in your opening hand you have a great chance of winning. Also in combonation with Red Alert you can get two cards on one turn and play them both on the next.

Card Rating 1=worst 10=best

The Traveler=8.75

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