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Dilemma, Space/Planet, Premium, OTSD
If ship damaged or RANGE reduced, personnel not needed for staffing are placed with dilemma atop mission. Rescue (opponent may capture) personnel with different ship here
"Krenim attacks repeatedly damaged the USS Voyager. Failing life support systems led Captain Kathryn Janeway to order the evacuation of all personnel except senior staff."
This Dilemma is definitely the card for the combo fan, because (between you and me) alone it does just plain nothing. However with a few helpful other cards, this one can lead to highly interesting effects.

Let's first take a simple scenario in Sealed Deck. In constructed deck, those pesky Dilemmas that "damage ship unless" are not even half a nuisance - I mean who does not have Navigation x2 or OFFICER + ENGINEER + SCIENCE on a ship unless the ship was expendable in the first place? However in Sealed Deck this is far more fun. Null Space hits more often than not and then a quick Abandon Ship can screw with your opponent's mission plans (remember the rule that the opponent of the affected player makes personnel selections when the card does not specify otherwise)

But we can do better, can't we? How about really annoying a Borg player? Just wait for her to get a cube onto the spaceline. Slap a Baryon Buildup on the cube. Now either she knows what's coming and wastes a Regenerate or two Transwarp Network Gateways on restoring the RANGE (in which case you just take the next Buildup) or she's prey for what comes next. One Establish Gateway attempt and the fun begins - Abandon Ship. Hopefully there are a few Borg beyond 7 aboard that cube and even more hopefully there's a Queen or Counterpart among them. There ya go. Now just capture those Borg on your turn and if you happen to get a Queen top it off with an Auto-Destruct-Sequence and an Alas, Poor Queen. Ouch! (Oh, don't forget to beam YOUR people over to the cube before destroying your ship, you can get them back from there later and also make short work of Borg your opponent might want to report on the cube)

Of course Baryon Buildup is the best setup card for some Abandon Ship fun with any affiliation, however a few others will do just as well. A Birth of Junior (not followed by the all-too-logical Cytherians but a stopper) might trap an opponent just as well as the good ole' Borg Ship. Did she just raise her SHIELDS to kingdom come with a Nutational or Metaphasic Shields card? Too bad she only got damaged and can reattempt next turn (and hit your Abandon Ship). How about a Subspace Warp Rift placed nicely on Samaritan Snare (against your Fed opponent)? Of course there's something nasty (a Borg Ship will do) right under the Samaritan Snare... Top it off with an Abandon Ship somewhere else...

And don't forget the sheer attack power of a Klingon Armada... Once you got her demoralized far enough to attempt space missions with damaged ships, you're ready to go... Just stay close enough and make sure you can collect the loot from a few Abandon Ship hits.

Oh, of course your opponent is just as smart as you - so next time when you slap a Baryon Buildup on her ship way out there, she'll take the time to limp back to the outpost, remove the buildup or switch ships, come back, attempt and hit your Abandon Ship... ...and the Borg Ship you put right after it for the smart one! (Boom!)

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for Abandon Ship!:

Wesley's rating:                7.0
Allen's rating:                 7.5
Cpt. Targ's rating:             ---
Data's rating:                  ---
Dr. R'Mor's rating:             8.1
EHCCGPP's rating:               6.5
Gowron's rating:                ---
Hal's rating:                   4.5
Kurn's rating:                  9.0
Locutus' rating:                8.5
Nanite's rating:                ---
Picarde's rating:               7.5
Ranger's rating:                ---
Rekar's rating:                 7.5
Rothspar's rating:              ---
Sheskerie's rating:             7.1
Tebok's rating:                 ---
Tony's rating:                  ---
Vox's rating:                   6.0

AVERAGE RATING:                 7.2

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