Wesley's STCCG card of the day #404

Wesley's STCCG card of the day #404

Hi, folks,

no intro today. Let's jump right into it as if I had come from the Delta Quadrant through some mysterious hole in space...


Doorway, common, First Contact, Borg Use Only.
Seed one during outpost phase on any spaceline end OR play on any spaceline location where you have a [Nav] Borg. Any player may play a Transwarp Conduit (or another copy of this doorway) to move any or all of that player's ships from this Transwarp Network Gateway to another. OR Downloads Transwarp Conduit (discard doorway).
A pretty basic card for the Borg, but is it vital? The function of the card is to quickly get your Borg from one location to another, especially from the Delta Quadrant to the Spaceline. But then, there is the question whether you really need it. Okay, you do need two - the one at the spaceline end and the one at your Outpost. You will also need one for each Establish Gateway Objective you want to complete as the Gateway download there is mandatory and if you cannot fulfil it, you will give your opponent the chance to study your strategy. But this is about where the usefulness of the TNG ends. Actually using it to trigger the movement makes little sense as you can use the Transwarp Conduit just as well and the Conduit is just as effective without the Gateways by doubling your RANGE and thus getting halfway across the spaceline anyway. (A Caveat: You might want to have one Gateway for movement in your tent in case you run into an Amanda-happy opponent to make sure you get your cube to the spaceline. Download it with the Transwarp Drone if you need it.)

So the best strategy for establishing a Transwarp Network is:

(1) Seed one TNG at the end of the spaceline.
(2) Play Awaken to get a Transwarp Drone to your Outpost, download the TNG for the Outpost using the Outpost ability.
(3) Report a Scout to the un-TNGed end of the spaceline, downloading a Gateway there as well. You will often be able to have all three done by the end of the first turn.
(4) Download another Gateway using the drone as soon as you have a staffed cube at your Outpost. Play it to move to the Alpha Quadrant.
(5) You can now report drones to your cube and move around between your established Gateways using Transwarp Conduits. If you really want to build another cube at your outpost, just repeat the process (4) (using a Gateway you download if your opponent Amandas the Conduit even if that means risking a look through your deck in a very late game stage - still better than having useless (Hi Mot!) cards in your deck.)

In the end the TNG works a lot like an Outpost card - you seed it as routine but you don't want to draw one in the actual game unless there are special circumstances.

Favorite combo(s):

Wesley's rating:                5.0
Allen's rating:                 7.6
Cpt. Targ's rating:             7.0
Data's rating:                  7.5
Dr. R'Mor's rating:            10.0
EHCCGPP's rating:               7.5
Gowron's rating:                9.5
Hal's rating:                   9.0
Locutus' rating:                6.6
Nanite's rating:                9.5
Picarde's rating:               9.0
Ranger's rating:                7.6
Rekar's rating:                 7.5
Rothspar's rating:              7.6
Sheskerie's rating:             9.0
Tebok's rating:                 8.5
Tony's rating:                  8.0
Vox's rating:                   8.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 8.0

(thanks to Allen for preparing my template with card info and rating data, that makes it that much easier to write this ;-) )

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