Wesley's STCCG card of the day #400

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finally, the big "4". And everyone asking what Uncle Wes is doing this time... No way ;-) I'll use a regular card. But not just any card. The mystery card in the Fajo Collection, the new king of ORs...


Artifact, ultra-rare FJ
Place in hand until played at any time on Horga'hn OR Thought Maker OR Mona Lisa OR Static Warp Bubble OR Kivas Fajo - Collector OR The Traveler: Transcendence OR "Devidian Door" OR Supernova OR Black Hole OR Anti-Time Anomaly. Reverses that card. (Not duplicatable)
"Surreal 1931 Salvador Dali painting stolen by Kivas Fajo."
Wow. Nine ORs. Lots of fun. And some of these actually don't even require your opponent to help you but can just be done alone.

Let's try the big walkthrough:

(1) Horga'hn. Much more rude than just a Devil or Jamaharon, use that Horga'hn your opponent just took so much pain to acquire for yourself. Be sure to thank him for the help. You can also try to acquire the Persistence early (Q's Planet) and watch your opponent squirm in fear of acquiring his own (preferably vital ;-) ) Artifact. If you have a really cooperative opponent (Hi Quilitz !) he might decline to solve a mission that would make him win the game just because he thinks you could... Talk psyched out ;-)

(2) Thought Maker. This is also rude. An opponent who thinks he can just serve you the ultimate Rakal Shuffle (as if this were necessary with the average player - they get their best cards to the bottom of the deck anyway) wil wind up doing the exact opposite. The problem here - Thought Maker plays as an Interrupt, so you need the Persistence early, which will usually discourage your opponent from playing the Thought Maker.

(3) Mona Lisa. This is a fun one. Of course you can use it on the Mona Lisa that wimp of an opponent on the other side is stocking, but why not use your own Mona Lisa? Put it on a shuttle steered by Korris, Konmel and Kova Tholl. Then reverse it with Persistence and bag a whopping 45. Much easier than a Borg Ship ;-) Just don't forget you need some excuse to attack yourself. Incoming Message: Attack Authorization should do well...

(4) Static Warp Bubble. Now who is the one discarding cards? Might force your opponent to waste an Ux on his own card (or use Mercy Kill)

(5) Kivas Fajo - Collector. More of a threat than an actual damage dealer, a Persistence in hand might discourage your opponent from playing that Kivas he holds, knowing pretty well you'll get the cards and then the next Kivas has just that much more of a chance to get Uxed...

(6) The Traveler: Transcendence. Another one of those that will send your opponent for the Uxes to kill his own Events, but in this particular situation you can be even more rude. Play a Traveler / Thought Fire / Brain Drain deck. Acquire a Persistence and then play a Traveler on your opponent (which you of course immediately reverse) Net result: You get the cards, he gets the trouble from Thought Fire. Keep a few Regenerates to ensure a steady flow of Brain Drains and don't forget the Disruptor Overload to take care of the occasional IP Scanner.

(7) Devidian Door. Ouch, an Artifact AND a D-Door just to get a personnel back to your hand? And yet, this might have its uses. I remember one game where my key personnel (R'Mor) got Cardie-trapped. I had a second R'Mor in hand, but I could not play him. Same goes for uniques that get Frame-of-Minded, Penalty-Boxed, etc. Grab them back, replay them, have fun again.

(8) Supernova. Now this is what I call an easy mission attempt. With everything destroyed by the Nova (including any unwanted seeds), the mission is a piece of cake for your power crew. Move over, revert the Nova, score. Also works well to turn a three-mission deck into something that plays like a two-mission deck. (One mission gets Tox, one gets Persistence, then BOOM and revert, killing all Dilemmas.)

(9) Black Hole. Another fun one, especially if you can get the Artifact before playing the Hole. Just when your opponent thought that stretch of empty space between his missions were span 6, it suddenly becomes 12, then 17, 22, 27, oops ;-)

(10) Anti-Time Anomaly. All Hallow's Eve for the STCCG player. Teach your holo-deck opponent a lesson. You don't really care about the two times you lose six crew while he loses nothing. Wait until the third Anomaly gets reversed and suddenly your entire deck (including the guys that had unfortunate encounters with Dilemmas) plays against his skill-challenged Holo crew. He will of course need another four turns to get another Anomaly to blow, way enough for you to complete a mission or five.

I love this card - it is versatile, complex, full of hidden strategic rudeness, encourages a few mind games and even makes the occasional Motty (aka use****) card useful.

Favorite combo(s):

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