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Q-Artifact, ultra-rare FJ.
Immediately seed under this mission (even if a space mission). When mission completed (or scouted), owner places in hand until played as an Interrupt card, once per game, on any one personnel in play. That personnel dies whenever that personnel's STRENGTH is used. (May be nullified only by Katherine Pulaski, if present.)
"You'd might have lived if you'd had a real one instead of this unreliable piece of technology"
First a funny tidbit about this card: This heart (from Tapestry) is the one Pulaski implanted in Picard and which then failed, but Pulaski can nullify it (i.e. prevent the failure). Hmmm, isn't that quality control backwards?

Gamewise, this card is weird as well. On the one hand it is an Artifact, acquired only when the mission is completed, but it does not necessarily go to the person who did the mission but usually to his opponent (assuming the player who first attempted the mission can also complete it sooner or later). As soon as this happens, the heart gets into the hand of its owner who can target a vital personnel with it. Usually, this will be someone who is vital to some mission attempt or Dilemma solving crew. But be careful. Don't play it right away on someone you consider vital - the heart is an interrupt which means you can play it right after a mission attempt was declared and make sure the new user of the heart will very soon get to test his STRENGTH. A quick Rogue Borg or five will do that trick best.

However, the classic way to get someone to use his STRENGTH is a Dilemma. Nagilum, Chalnoth, Nausicaans (thematically fitting), Rebel Encounter, Ferengi Attack, Malfunctioning Door, Q's Vicious Animal Things and Outpost Raid are all good at getting someone to show a little muscle, but only the Raid is Planet and Space, so doing it with Dilemmas requires a little guesswork on which type of mission your opponent prefers. However, with a little set-up, Outpost Raid can be turned into a big-time killer. Remember, you get to pick out the one personnel you like. The personnel will die, leaving the way wide open for something like a Barclay's Disease. And it practically can't be nullified. Now those people who rely on STAs for Barclay protection considering Vekor too problematic because of the Brain Drain risk are in for a surprise as their MEDICAL droid exchanges its already mechanical heart for another mechanical one and promptly dies due to a construction error.

Like most Fajo cards, this is one that requires some major setup, but then if it doesn't stick, what do you lose? A Q-card. Great deal, if you're playing with a Flash in the first place you usually have room for one more of these. Just don't forget that it's not fast. Your opponent will get that one mission (or shy away from it if he's really afraid to lose a key character) before the heart has any effect. But against the right deck or with the right support combos, this card can be devastating. Just don't rely on it. More often it will do nothing, but that's the nature of Q-cards...

Favorite combo(s): Picard's Artificial Heart + Rogue Borg. BIG bullseye. Either he does not retaliate (which means the RB will stay and stop him forever) or he loses the targeted character.
Wesley's rating:                9.0
Allen's rating: 6.7 Cpt. Stasis' rating: 9.0 Cpt. Targ's rating: 6.5 Data's rating: 6.7 Dr. R'Mor's rating: 9.6 EHCCGPP's rating: 6.5 Hal's rating: 6.1 Humuhumunukunukuapua'a's rtg. 7.3 Nanite's rating: 9.5637 Picarde's rating: 6.0 Ranger's rating: 8.6 Rothspar's rating: 8.0 Sirol's rating: 5.5 Tebok's rating: 7.5 Tony's rating: 8.0 Vox's rating: 5.4 ---------------------- AVERAGE RATING: 7.4

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