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Hi folks. Well, I have good news, and bad news.

Bad news is, the projector's shot, and I can't fix it (I'm a rater, not an engineer. :) That means, no more holo-Wesley. Good news is, I've managed to salvage the silver and gold medal winners for Internet Expansion IV, and I've managed to put together reviews for them. (So any purists may want to cover their eyes - this is pretty much all me, little/no Wes. Be gentle, folks. :)

Anyhoo, it's down to business, and our second place card:

Internet Expansion IV, 2nd place, by Joe Golowka


Play card at the beginning of your turn. Until end of turn, score one point for each of opponent's personnel you kill, 10 for each outpost, 6 for each station, and 5 for each starship. Double points if you have completed Strategic Diversion. You may not play another Invasion for two full turns.
"In 2372 the Klingon Empire launched an invasion against the Cardassian Union. The invasion devestated Cardassia and gave the Klingons new territory."
Well, here it is - the logical progression of Latinum Payoff and Klingon Civil War. For one turn, those armadas become a big point machine. Of course, there's one catch - you have to catch them first, and there has to be enough of them out there to kill. And let's be honest - there's a severe limit to how many points you'll score with this. Most likely, you'll nail an outpost, two ships, tops. That's 20 points, plus crew (remember that crew - point a piece). So if you're lucky, you'll net 25-30 points. About as good as a mission.

Now, before you Klingons out there start getting all excited, you're not going to be able to win a game with this card. You can only use it every three turns, but let's face it - your opponent won't have anything worth shooting at for a long while. If you sacrifice the fleet to a Borg Ship, you'll get 45 - enough to bring you within 25-30 points of a win. So you'll still need a mission to win. Of course, it's still worth it, since you were planning on using that armada anyways, right? :-) So one interrupt for 20 points is a pretty darn good deal in my book.

End result - if you're playing the Armada, stock one or two. At least you'll score 10 when you take out the outpost. Otherwise, leave it in the box.

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for :

Wesley's rating:                -.-
Allen's rating:                 6.5
Cpt. Targ's rating:             8.5
Data's rating:                  8.4
Dr. R'Mor's rating:             8.9  
EHCCGPP's rating:               5.5
Hal's rating:                   6.5
Humuhumunukunukuapua'a's rtg.:  7.2
John's rating:                  6.5
Jon Walker's rating:            5.0
Jono's rating:                  5.7
Locutus' rating:                7.0
Mot's rating:                   6.5
Nanite's rating:                9.5
Picarde's rating:               5.5
Ranger's rating:                9.1
Rothspar's rating:              7.0
Sirna's rating:                 8.0
Tebok's rating:                 8.5
Tony's rating:                  9.2
Worf's rating:                  5.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 7.2

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