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dir file version updated on
AROS/ arosboot 41.7 2 Apr 1997
AROS/ arosboot.config 41.2 2 Apr 1997
AROS/ arosboot.doc 41.7 2 Apr 1997
AROS/os/ alert.hook 41.7 2 Apr 1997
AROS/os/ exec.strap 41.10 2 Apr 1997
AROS/os/ utility.library 41.12 2 Apr 1997
AROS/tools/ printresmodules 41.2 15 Mar 1997
AROS/tools/ showvecs 41.2 14 Mar 1997
All of the files above: arosfa.lha

If you submit a report with Enforcer hits, could you also include the output of showvecs before and after resetting?
That will help me to isolate the function at fault.

Known problems:


arosboot 41.7 Do all file operations relative to the directory where arosboot itself is located (aka PROGDIR:). This applies to the config file itself as well as to modules. This removes the need to CD into the directory where arosboot lives before running arosboot.
utility.library 41.12 Internal change that gets rid of the data hunk (saves memory).
exec.strap 41.10 Recoded SetFunction() so it no longer uses instructions missing from the 68060.
alert.hook 41.7 Internal change that bumps all static text to the code section (gets rid of data hunk; saves memory).
exec.strap 41.9 Allow for selective patching of functions.
arosboot 41.6 New way to handle config files and selective patching. More info about this in the doc and example config file. Renamed to arosboot.
exec.strap 41.8 Added CloseLibrary()/CloseDevice(), AllocEntry()/FreeEntry(). Fixed bug that caused infinite reboots and only showed up on a V40 kickstart.
printresmodules 41.2 Account for branches in the Resident list.
showvecs 41.2 Don't print comprehensive report (only show vector contents) if the checksum is incorrect. Should prevent a runaway showvecs report if the vectors were corrupted.
exec.strap 41.7 Added AllocEntry()/FreeEntry()/OpenDevice().
exec.strap 41.6 Check for nameless nodes during FindName(). Fixes more E-hits.
boot 41.5 Back out 41.4 change of falling back to MEMF_LOCAL. It turned out to worsen the situation when using FastExec with the "local" option. Still have the "-l" option in boot to force AROS to MEMF_LOCAL.
boot 41.4 No longer fall back to MEMF_CHIP on kick V37, but to MEMF_LOCAL. This may also benefit FastExec users.
boot 41.3 Fail if option not recognized (e.g. "boot 0x" instead of "boot -x").
utility.library 41.11 Fixed two more Enforcer hits. Now I get none anymore.
utility.library 41.10 Fixed Enforcer hits caused by FindTagItem/NextTagItem.
exec.strap 41.5 PutMsg/ReplyMsg: take no special action if mp_SigTask is 0. Solves a stream of Enforcer hits coming from input.device. Disabled some semaphore functions that also cause hits.
exec.strap 41.4 Disable OpenLibrary and processor dependent Cachexxx functions.
utility.library 41.9 Fixed NamedObject handling

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