Wesley's STCCG card of the day #84

Hi, folks,

another Dilemma for those of you who missed them:


Dilemma, space, uncommon.
Place atop spaceline here. Mission cannot be done where present. Ships with tractor beams and 2 ENGINEER can tow barge to a different location.
"Barges containing dangerous waste can be adrift for centuries. One such barge threatened Gamelon V in 2367."
Okay, another (yawn) stall card, but this time not the worst one. Makes for lots of long faces and it has the definite advantage of gaining you a turn. (Place it under a span 5 mission to increase the fun and if your opponent has three missions in a row try the middle one, so it won't suddenly wind up on your own cards.)

Although the criteria are not too hard to overcome, this one WILL take time and when used in conjunction with a few other cards pretty much make a mission worthless (Try it with Cytherians under a mission your opponent relies on solving...)

It could also make for much fun with Birth of Junior, but unfortunately these two are too similar in both requiring ENGINEERs, so once the first is solved the second one becomes quite easy.

This card also combines quite well with the events (and interrupts)that damage a ship.

The sneakiest variant: If your opponent has few ships and an outpost on a space location, try placing it there. No more "free" mission solving that you cannot prevent with temporal rifts and other funny stuff...

Almost a staple in my speed decks - it gets me one turn and I do a lot of things in a single turn.

Favorite combo(s):

Wesley's rating:                7.5
Conner's rating:                4.0
Phil's rating:                  ??? (8.0/4.0; the former only against Rommies)
Michael's rating:               7.4
Owen's rating:                  8.2
Ian's rating:                   7.3
Cole's rating:                  6.6
Jack's rating:                  7.3
Jason's rating:                 7.5
Jeff's rating:                  7.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 7.0 (Not counting Phil's rating, I would not
                                     know how to calculate that into the 

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