Star Trek: The Next Generation ® Customizable Card Game (TM)

Q-Continuum Rules Supplement

Q-Continuum, the second expansion set for the Star Trek: The Next Generation © Customizable Card Game (TM), contains 121 innovative new cards. This sheet supplements existing rules and presents new concepts.

Side Decks

A new feature introduced in this expansion set. Side decks are optional customized decks of cards separate from, and in addition to, your normal 60-card game deck. Each side deck is shuffled and placed face down on the table, then activated during the seed phase by a Doorway card. This Doorway card is placed face up on the side deck and counts toward your 60-card total.


The first of these new side decks, called the Q-Continuum, is composed entirely of Q-Continuum cards identified by the icon shown at left. These special cards come into play only via this side deck. Q-Continuum cards represent actions of Q or one of the other Q entities. Although the Q-Continuum cards in your side deck are interrupts, events etc., it is helpful to think of them as dilemmas which your opponent will face. You may customize your side deck with any number of Q-Continuum cards (even duplicates), without restriction. Each player may have only one Q-Continuum side deck in play.


The Doorway card that activates your Q-Continuum is the Q-Flash. Q-Flash doorways are also seeded like dilemmas under any mission location (subject to the normal rules of duplication) to cause your opponent to face the cards in your Q-Continuum.

When your opponent encounters a Q-Flash under a mission, the crew or Away Team must collectively face a number of your Q-Continuum cards equal to the number of personnel present. Draw and resolve Q-Continuum cards one at a time. As with dilemmas, if the same Q-Continuum card occurs more than once during a given Q-Flash, discard any duplicates. (If you encounter a Q-Flash and your opponent does not have a Q-Continuum side deck, discard that Q-Flash.) A Q-Continuum card that contains the phrase "until any Q-Flash" has its effect only until the next Q-Flash card is played from a hand or encountered by any crew or Away Team, then is discarded. Q-Continuum cards are subject to the appropriate nullifying cards unless otherwise specified (e.g., Amanda Rogers nullifies Q-Continuum interrupts).

If an entire crew or Away Team is killed, captured, relocated or otherwise unable to continue a Q-Flash, do not draw any remaining Q-Continuum cards. Unless otherwise specified, a Q-Continuum dilemma does not "stop" a crew or Away Team that cannot meet its requirements.

Q's Tent

Another side deck, called Q's Tent, allows you to stockpile up to 13 different cards which you can access during play. You may put any card in your Q's Tent side deck except a Q-Continuum card (unless allowed by the card). You may not stock duplicate cards within Q's Tent. Each player may have only one Q's Tent side deck in play. The Q's Tent Doorway card activates your Q's Tent side deck. Q's Tent doorways are also stocked in your draw deck and may be played at any time during your turn to access a card in your Q's Tent (either randomly or selectively, as described on the card). Cards that must be seeded (e.g., missions, dilemmas and artifacts) can be placed in your Q's Tent and brought into your hand, but you will not be able to use them unless you have a way to seed them (such as Q's Planet).

"Q's Planet"

This multifaceted mission has subtle rule interpretations worth discussing. It is not seeded at the beginning of the game, but comes into play later. When your opponent encounters this card from your Q-Continuum, you immediately insert it anywhere on the spaceline. Your opponent now places a seed card underneath the mission, then you place the next seed card, and so on. In this case, no special card play is needed to obtain seed cards from your discard pile or Q's Tent.

A special feature of this Q-Continuum mission is that it can be placed in your Q's Tent. Once you have retrieved Q's Planet into your hand, you may insert it on the spaceline as your normal card play. Players then place seed cards as described above.

Investigate Legend

When Aldea is cloaked, personnel may not beam or shuttle to or from the planet. However, Iconian Gateways, Dimensional Shifting, Love Interests and other such forms of travel function normally.

Dual-Icon Missions

This new icon combination allows dilemmas of all types to be seeded here. To attempt, continue or solve such a mission, you must have both a ship and an Away Team present. At a mission of this type:

Counts as 1/2 card

The new mission entitled "Space" counts as half a card. Example: Two "Space" missions plus five other missions count as six missions, six seed cards toward your seed card limit of 30, and six cards toward your deck limit of 60.

Discarding as a Mission Requirement

When a mission states that you must discard a card, that card must come from the crew or Away Team attempting the mission, not from your hand.


A new card type similar to outposts. Stations have shields and can be attacked by enemy ships, as well as the Borg Ship dilemma. Stations are not duplicatable at a particular location. Your stations may not coincide with your outposts. Some stations are seeded, while others are built later. Building a station, like building an outpost, counts as your normal card play.


The first of these new stations is called a Colony. Whoever has an unopposed Away Team here scores points as indicated on the card. If a Colony is destroyed, any Away Teams there are not automatically killed.

Terraforming Station

Another station allows you to "terraform" (redefine) the requirements of a planet mission for a subsequent game. This means that you may choose to replace each requirement with another known requirement of the same type (e.g., replace a skill with another skill). You may redefine any skills, classifications and attributes. You may also redefine the name of a personnel, equipment or artifact card. For example, if a mission required "MEDICAL + Guinan + CUNNING > 30" it could be changed to "ANIMAL + Spock + INTEGRITY > 30". The redefinition works for both ends of the mission. You may not redefine numbers, icons or special requirements like "3 AU icon Personnel". The planet loses the redefinition after your next game with the same opponent, even if you don't use that mission.

Manheim's Dimensional Door

Simple Example: Suppose this doorway is already in play. Your opponent plays Kevin Uxbridge to nullify your Q-Net. You immediately show a Kevin Uxbridge from your hand. The result is that your opponent's card experiences a temporal "hiccup" and play is suspended. You replace Kevin Uxbridge in your hand and play another card, perhaps Major Rakal at your outpost. The opponent's card play now resumes and nullifies your Q-Net.

More Complex Example: Assume the situation above, but instead of playing Major Rakal you play Rishon Uxbridge on your Q- Net. When your opponent's card play resumes, instead of nullifying the Q-Net as was originally intended, it nullifies Rishon Uxbridge.

Royale Casino: Craps

If you don't show a Personnel card, your opponent wins the points.

Parallax Arguers

The phrase "If that was cool" refers to your assessment of the previous action (but your opponent may have a different opinion). Don't take this card too seriously!


An abbreviation for "Soong-type android". The two terms are interchangeable.

Juliana Tainer

Dr. Tainer is unaware that she is an android. She becomes aware if she is in a situation which (1) requires an android and no other androids are present or (2) treats androids differently from regular personnel. Once shebecomes aware, she can use her full CUNNING and STRENGTH but is "stopped" until the end of that turn.

Mirasta Yale

When your Away Team encounters a seeded Mirasta Yale, she immediately joins that Away Team, even though the mission is not solved.


Mordock's special skill utilizes a strategy of totally avoiding battle.

Data's Body

This Personnel card is unusable but movable (like an Equipment card) until you attach Data's Head. When Data's Head and Data's Body are present together, you may declare them to be attached (or detached) as desired during your turn. You must keep your opponent informed of their status. When attached, Data's Head is no longer an artifact; instead, the two cards together are considered a single Personnel card.


Personnel which are disabled (e.g., Data's Body, or personnel affected by the Ktarian Game or Two-Dimensional Creatures) are similar to personnel in stasis, but they may be moved or beamed in the same manner as equipment cards.


If Brainwash is nullified without the personnel being rescued, that personnel reverts to "captive" status.

Restriction Box

Some personnel have limitations listed just above their skills in a new area called a "restriction box".

"Does not work with Federation affiliation"

A card with this phrase in its restriction box never mixes with Federation personnel or ships, even under a treaty.

Boldface Lore and the "Persona" Concept

A boldface name in personnel lore indicates that this card is the same "persona" as the boldface name. You may not have more than one instance of the same persona in play at the same time. For example, Jean-Luc Picard, Galen, and Locutus of Borg are all considered the same persona.

Transporter Skill

A skill which includes a built-in function. For each Transporter Skill present on a ship, once per turn you may beam one additional card through anti-beaming cards (Distortion Field, Atmospheric Ionization, etc.). For example, if you had an Away Team trapped by a Particle Scattering Field, Robin Lefler could beam up one Away Team member per turn.


A Nausicaan skill from a word meaning "courage". Wherever your Away Team has Guramba, your opponent must have two leaders present in order to battle effectively.


When Cybernetics skill is present where you report an android for duty, that android does not count as your normal card play for that turn.

Tal Shiar

Security file decryption sequence complete. code matches rse tal shiar data file. proconsul Neral's security code detected. message follows: To all field agents, from Tal Shiar High Command. You are hereby authorized to do the following: You may persecute and eliminate disloyal Romulans. If the military officer is unable or unwilling to obey this directive, you are empowered to enact it yourself as you see fit. All hail the Praetor and the glorious Romulan Star Empire! Jolan true.

Federation Security Analysis: Intercepted transmission indicates that Tal Shiar personnel allow Romulans present to initiate battle against other Romulans. Also, if no other leader is present, a Tal Shiar personnel may act as a leader for battle.

Miracle Worker

"Ye didna tell 'im how long it would really take, did ye? Oh laddie, ye've got a lot to learn if you want people to think of ye as a miracle worker".

Because a Miracle Worker does not reveal all of his talents at once, this extraordinary skill contains as-yet-unrevealed skills.

In 2369, Geordi La Forge said of Captain Scott's handiwork, "I've never seen a transporter jury-rigged like this before", discovering this fact: Miracle Worker includes Transporter Skill.

Selecting Skills

Some cards allow you to select or add skills for personnel. In these cases you may only choose one- or two-word skills (such as Physics or Stellar Cartography), not special skills that are explained in a sentence (such as "May nullify Male's Love Interest where present"). This rule also extends to the premeire card Vulcan Mindmeld.

Undefined Variables

Any time a card has an undefined variable (e.g., Mortal Q's CUNNING), it is treated as zero. Undefined variables cannot be modified with other cards.

"Outside the Game"

Cards brought in from "outside the game" may not be any of your cards currently "out-of-play" or duplicates of those cards.

"May be nullified only by..."

A card containing this phrase cannot be nullified by any cards other than the one listed.

"May be nullified by..."

A card containing this phrase may be nullified by the card listed, as well as any other applicable nullifying cards.

"Once in play..."

This new phrase, introduced on Mortal Q, means that the card's effect continues for the rest of the game, even after the card is no longer in play. The lingering effect might, however, be specifically affected by other cards.

"Q-Related Dilemma"

This phrase (on the Q2 card) refers to Q-Continuum Dilemma cards and other dilemmas with Q's name in the title.

New Seeding Sequence

To accommodate new card types such as stations, doorways seeded like dilemmas etc., use the following seeding sequence:
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