Star Trek: The Next Generation ® Customizable Card Game (TM)

Q-Continuum Card List

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Aldebaran Serpent Q Event C
Amanda's Parents Q Event C
Android Nightmares Dilemma U
Anti-Matter Pod Equipment C
Arbiter of Succession Interrupt R
Are These Truly Your Friends, Brother? Q Interrupt C
Barber Pole Event U
Bendii Syndrome Dilemma R
Blade of Tkon Artifact R
Brainwash Event R
Calamarain Event R
Canar Artifact R
Chinese Finger Puzzle Dilemma C
Colony Station C
Data's Body Personnel - Non-Aligned R**
Data's Medals Interrupt C
Discommendation Event U
Door-Net Q Event C
Doppelganger Event R
Drag Net Event R
Drought Tree Event C
Dr. Q, Medicine Entity Q Interrupt C
End Transmission Interrupt C
Frigid Q Event U
Galen Personnel - Non-Aligned R
Gibson Personnel - Federation C
Gift of the Tormentor Q Interrupt C
Go Back Whence Thou Camest Q Dilemma C
Guilty - Provisionally Q Dilemma U
Heisenberg Compensators Event U
His Honor, the High Sheriff of Nottingham Q Dilemma U
I Am Not a Merry Man Event R
I.K.C. Maht-H'a Ship - Klingon R
I.K.C. T'ong Ship - Klingon U
Immortal Again Event U
Incoming Message - The Continuum Q Interrupt C
Into the Breach Q Event C
Investigate Legend Mission - Rom/Klg/Fed R
Ira Graves Personnel - Non-Aligned R
Jealous Amanda Q Events C
Jenice Manheim Personnel - Non-Aligned U
John Doe Personnel - Non-Aligned U
Juliana Tainer Personnel - Federation R
K'chiQ Personnel - Klingon C
K'nera Personnel - Klingon U
Kahlest Personnel - Klingon U
Kareen Brianon Personnel - Non-Aligned U
Katherine Pulaski Personnel - Federation R
Keiko O'Brien Personnel - Federation R
Kitrik Personnel - Klingon U
Klingon Civil War Event R
Klingon Painstik Interrupt U
Kova Tholl Personnel - Non-Aligned U
Lal Personnel - Federation R
Lemon-Aid Q Interrupt C
Madam Guinan Personnel - Non-Aligned R
Madred Personnel - Non-Aligned R
Mandarin Bailiff Q Dilemma C
Manheim's Dimensional Door Doorway R
Marouk Personnel - Non-Aligned U
Military Privilege Q Event C
Mirasta Yale Personnel - Federation U
Mona Lisa Artifact R
Mordock Personnel - Federation U
Mortal Q Personnel - Non-Aligned R*
Mr. Homn Personnel - Federation R
Nebula Mission C
Nick Locarno Personnel - Non-Aligned R
Off Switch Interrupt C
Parallax Arguers Interrupt C
Paul Manheim Personnel - Non-Aligned R
Paxan "Wormhole" Mission - Rom/Klg/Fed R
Penalty Box Q Event U
Plague Planet Mission - Rom/Klg/Fed R
Pla-Net Q Dilemma C
Plasmadyne Relay Equipment C
Plexing Interrupt C
Q-Flash Doorway C*
Q's Planet Mission U
Q's Tent Doorway C
Q's Vicious Animal Things Dilemma U
Rager Personnel - Federation U
Robin Lefler Personnel - Federation U
Royale Casino: Craps Dilemma U
Sakkath Personnel - Federation U
Samaritan Snare Mission - Rom/Klg/Fed/Non R
Samuel Clemens Personnel - Non-Aligned U
Scottish Setter Q Event C
Security Precautions Dilemma C
Sirol Personnel - Romulan U
Sonya Gomez Personnel - Federation U
Soong-type Android Personnel - Non-Aligned C
Space Mission C
Subsection Q, Paragraph 10 Q Interrupt C
System-Wide Cascade Failure Dilemma R
T'Pau Ship - Romulan U
T'Shanik Personnel - Federation U
Tarchannen Study Mission - Fed R
Taris Personnel - Romulan R
Tarmin Personnel - Non-Aligned R
Telak Personnel - Romulan U
Terix Ship - Romulan R
Terraforming Station Station R
The Higher... the Q-er Q Interrupt C
The Issue is Patriotism Q Interrupt U
The Naked Truth Q Interrupt C
The Sheliak Dilemma R
Tijuana Crass Q Event C
Timicin Personnel - Non-Aligned U
Transfiguration Event U
Trust Me Q Event C
U.S.S. Stargazer Ship - Federation R
Ves Alkar Personnel - Non-Aligned U
Wesley Gets the Point Q Interrupt U
Where's Guinan? Q Interrupt U
Wrong Door Interrupt U
You Will In Time Q Event C
Yuta Dilemma R
Zalkonian Storage Capsule Event R
Zalkonian Vessel Ship - Non-Aligned C
Zon Personnel - Non-Aligned R

Key to rarity:
R Rare
U Uncommon
C Common
* 4/3 as frequent as other cards in its rarity category
** collated with uncommons (but still rare)

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