Star Trek: The Next Generation ® Customizable Card Game (TM)

First Contact Card List

Card Name Card Type Rarity
A Change of Plans Interrupt C
Abandon Mission Event R
Activate Subcommands Event C
Adapt: Modulate Shields Interrupt U
Adapt: Negate Obstruction Interrupt C
Admiral Hayes Personnel R
Alas, Poor Queen Interrupt R
Alyssa Ogawa Personnel R
Android Headlock Interrupt R
Antique Machine Gun Artifact R
Assign Mission Specialists Objective C
Assimilate Counterpart Objective U
Assimilate Homeworld Objective R
Assimilate Planet Objective C
Assimilate Starship Objective U
Assimilate This! Interrupt R
Assimilation Table Equipment U
Assimilation Tubules Interrupt U
Awaken Interrupt C
Balancing Act Dilemma U
Beverly Crusher Personnel R
Blended Dilemma U
Borg Cube Ship U
Borg Kiss Interrupt R
Borg Neuroprocessor Interrupt R
Borg Outpost Outpost C
Borg Queen Personnel R
Borg Scout Vessel Ship C
Borg Servo Dilemma U
Borg Sphere Ship C
Build Interplexing Beacon Objective R
Data Personnel R
Deactivation Interrupt C
Dead End Dilemma U
Deanna Troi Personnel R
Disengage Safety Protocols Event U
Don't Call Me Ahab Dilemma U
Dr. Royse Personnel C
E.M.H. Program Personnel U
Eight of Nineteen Personnel C
Eighteen of Nineteen Personnel C
Eleven of Nineteen Personnel C
Eliminate Starship Objective U
Espionage Mission Mission R
Establish Gateway Objective C
Fifteen of Seventeen Personnel C
Five of Eleven Personnel C
Four of Eleven Personnel C
Fractal Encryption Code Interrupt U
Geordi La Forge Personnel R
Hawk Personnel U
He Will Make an Excellent Drone Interrupt U
I'm a Doctor, Not a Doorstop Interrupt U
Inge Eiger Personnel C
Intermix Ratio Event U
Jean-Luc Picard Personnel R
Joseph Travis Personnel C
Kathleen Tonell Personnel U
Lack of Preparation Dilemma C
Launch Portal Doorway U
Lightner Personnel U
Lily Sloane Personnel R
Lisa Azar Personnel U
Magic Carpet Ride OCD Artifact R
Maglock Dilemma C
Mercy Kill Interrupt U
Mirror Image Event U
Mission Debriefing Event U
Montana Missile Complex Time Location R
My First Raygun Dilemma R
Nine of Eleven Personnel C
Nine of Seventeen Personnel C
Obarakeh Personnel C
Ocular Implants Event R
One of Eleven Personnel C
Ooby Dooby Dilemma R
Patrol Neutral Zone Mission U
Paul Porter Personnel R
Phoenix Ship R
Planet Mission C
Prepare Assault Teams Objective U
Primitive Culture Dilemma R
Queen's Borg Cube Ship R
Queen's Borg Sphere Ship R
Ready Room Door Doorway U
Regenerate Event R
Reginald Barclay Personnel R
Remodulation Interrupt U
Retask Event R
Richard Wilkins Personnel C
Salvage Starship Objective R
Scorched Hand Interrupt U
Scout Encounter Dilemma R
Sense the Borg Interrupt U
Sevek Personnel U
Shipwreck Interrupt R
Shot in the Back Dilemma C
Six of Eleven Personnel C
Six of Seventeen Personnel C
Sixteen of Nineteen Personnel C
Solkar Personnel R
Starfleet Type III Phaser Rifle Equipment U
Stop First Contact Objective R
Strict Dress Code Dilemma R
T'Shonra Personnel U
Temporal Vortex Doorway U
Temporal Wake Interrupt R
Ten of Nineteen Personnel C
The Line Must Be Drawn Here Event C
Theta-Radiation Poisoning Dilemma R
Thirteen of Nineteen Personnel C
Thomas McClure Personnel U
Three of Nineteen Personnel C
Three-Dimensional Thinking Interrupt R
Tommygun Equipment U
Transwarp Network Gateway Doorway C
Two of Eleven Personnel C
Two of Nineteen Personnel C
Two of Seventeen Personnel C
U.S.S. Bozeman Ship U
U.S.S. Enterprise-E Ship R
Undetected Beam-In Dilemma R
Visit Cochrane Memorial Objective R
Vulcan Lander Ship U
Wall of Ships Event R
Weak Spot Interrupt R
William T. Riker Personnel R
Worf Personnel R
Zefram Cochrane Personnel R
Zefram Cochrane's Telescope Artifact R

Key to rarity:
R Rare
U Uncommon
C Common

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