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as my girlfriend is currently using my net connection I can't do any real work (no net available) and no real fun either (no girlfriend available) and thus I thought I could as well write a COTD on my secondary computer (and yes, I know we urgently need network cards ;-) )...


Personnel, Borg, common FC, universal
Integrity 7
Cunning 5
Strength 5
Allows all Borg in this hive with a [Com] Borg to share skills. Each such Borg has every shared skill at its highest level. [Com], [Delta]
"Identification: INTERLINK DRONE
Task: Expedite aptitude dissemination. Enhance.
Biological Distinctiveness: Cardassian species."

Probably the most complex Borg drone to master, the Interlink drone makes for unique vulnerabilities and strenghts for the Borg. With the sharing of skills, some Dilemmas are just not much of a problem, so for example REM Fatigue Hallucinations (3 MEDICAL) or even Theta-Radiation Poisoning (6 ENGINEER). On the other hand, certain otherwise easy Dilemmas are incredibly painful to the Borg when interlinked.

A well-timed 2-Dimensional Creatures ("Empaths are disabled...") or Unscientific method + Alas, Poor Queen (she's the most cunning SCIENCE) can wreak havoc with a Borg hive or even with the entire collective. Let's have a look at which Dilemmas are most affected by an Interlink


And last not least there is one Dilemma a Borg player can use for his own advantage with an Interlink Drone: Ooby Dooby. As soon as you can get an Interlink Drone, a Queen (Youth) and a few other Borg onto a ship, you can use Ooby Dooby as a mega-Kivas for potentially up to 20 cards. (I've done that ;-) ). Convert most of these draws into downloads and you have an ultra-fast deployment. Change your plans and repeat next door next turn for twice as many cards ;-) Just make sure you don't get any Music into your collective.

And a last neato trick that works really well with Interlinks: Give your Queen Treachery, play Reflection Therapy on a Borg and get a huge amount of one specifically needed skill rather permanently. Especially useful with Diplomacy or OFFICER if you can't seem to assimilate any personnel.

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : NINE OF ELEVEN

Wesley's rating:                8.9
Allen's rating:                 8.9
Cpt. Targ's rating:             8.0
Data's rating:                  7.1
Dr. R'Mor's rating:             9.3
EHCCGPP's rating:              10.0
Gowron's rating:                9.1
Hal's rating:                   8.0
Locutus' rating:                9.5
Nanite's rating:                ---
Picarde's rating:               8.0
Ranger's rating:                9.4
Rekar's rating:                 9.5
Rothspar's rating:              7.9
Sheskerie's rating:             8.0
Tebok's rating:                 8.6
Tony's rating:                  9.5
Vox's rating:                   9.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 8.5

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