Wesley's STCCG card of the day #405

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Personnel, non-aligned, rare FC.
Integrity 5
Cunning 8
Strength 6
CIVILIAN, ENGINEER x2, Computer Skill, Astrophysics, May play Visit Cochrane Memorial on same planet. Command Star (*), AU Icon, OCD Icon.
"Inventor of Warp Drive. Reluctant Hero. First human to make contact with an alien species. Likes tequila, rock'n'roll, money and naked women."
This card just calls for a Devidian Door or three in your deck if you want to do anything with the Cochrane Memorial. Zefram is a Human ENGINEER, you may play the memorial wherever he is present on a planet and as you need the ENGINEER to be unopposed for the Memorial to work you can send Zef to the most remote corner of the Galaxy where he can safely stay and admire his own memorial in order to speed up your game... Plus, you get a 6th mission to solve and don't need to bother with Earth (a planet that incurs a significant risk if your opponent gets the nasty idea of playing a Borg Deck).

But of course Zefram can do more than just aaah and oooh at his own memorial. He also creates a viable alternative to a certain female CIVILIAN/ENGINEER (Kareen Brianon who has the added Youth but lacks the Astrophysics and second ENG) who is occasionally seen in Naiskos decks for her classification combination and his AU icon helps to do this trick with a cryo crew. While it may occasionally be more desirable to go for Kareen if you want to play without the AU door or are desperately short on females, Zefram will often better supplement your decks with an ENGINEER theme due to his doubled ENGINEER (think Repair Mission and Dyson Sphere!) and the Astrophysics he adds to the equation. For real fun run into a Military Privilege, give Zefram an Engineering Kit and send him off to repair the Argus array all by himself (well almost, he of course needs to be supervised by Mot the Barber to ensure he repairs the array instead of just draining the bar of any drinkable content)

And then there is the theme deck department. Not that I've ever seen a Montana Missile Complex in play yet, but miracles might happen someday. Zefram is vital to retrieve and staff the Phoenix if a MMC ever enters play and those are ten pretty easy points to get. (BTW Major - can you play Visit Cochrane Memorial on the MMC? I'd say yes, but I'd like that confirmed - if you can, this would of course be the safest location to get him to)

Not much else - the attributes are pretty solid (though the 8 CUNNING seems a tad low for an inventor of a level comparable to Dr. Soong) and he is immune to the more popular attribute-based killers Hunter Gangs and Firestorm.

Not a card for every deck (but which personnel is?) but definitely a great addition to a few creative strategies.

Favorite combo(s):

Wesley's rating:                8.6
Allen's rating:                 7.8
Cpt. Targ's rating:             8.0
Data's rating:                  8.0
Dr. R'Mor's rating:             7.1
EHCCGPP's rating:               ---
Gowron's rating:                7.2
Hal's rating:                   9.5
Locutus' rating:                8.0
Nanite's rating:                ---
Picarde's rating:               ---
Ranger's rating:                8.2
Rekar's rating:                 9.0
Rothspar's rating:              5.0
Sheskerie's rating:             ---
Tebok's rating:                 7.0
Tony's rating:                  9.0
Vox's rating:                   9.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 8.0

(the number of ---'s is caused to the ratings having been collected at a time when Zef was not yet revealed on www.decipher.com)

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