Wesley's STCCG card of the day #391

Hi, folks,

a typical attempt at writing COTD:

(Okay, let's sit down and write this thing. Just log into chat so I can see what's going on)
"Hey Wes, good to see you, just wanted to tell you my Hall of Fame score was misrecorded there"
(Grumble, let's fix that - it'll take only 10 minutes and then I can...)

"Hi Wes - can you help me with that JavaScript ?"
(Okay, he did me a favor lately, so I guess I'll have to help here)
"Wes, don't forget the newsletter page that's due tomorrow"
(Oops, thanx for reminding me and hey, I already got 6 words of my COTD written, so let's do that first)
(But now let's log out. Only check mail first.)
"Can you come to the chat - it's HIM again and he's annoying everyone"
(Grrr, as if I needed that. ALT/TAB, New Window, move back there...
Nothing in sight except...)
"Hey, good you're here ! Our judge for our ISOWC game didn't turn up and we're already one hour late."
(AAARRRGGGHHH, can't they... Oh well, what the...)
(During the game:)
"Did my mail on XYZ arrive ?" "The judge program crashed when I judged two weeks ago..."
(Mail notifier: Matt Mariani)
"Oh Wes, while you're at it, I need the advance info on next Saturday's Regional"
(Open yet another window. You guessed it. CRASH.)
(Reboot, relogin, explain ISOWCers I crashed, try to catch up with the game, finally finish it, look at clock)
***HOW LATE ????? 2AM ?????***
(Next morning, first thing)
"Hey Wes, when's the next COTD coming out ?" *T*I*L*T*

(not very far from what actually in RL happened yesterday night ;-) )

And while we're at things I never got around to do: I overlooked this one all the time...


Dilemma, Planet, uncommon.
Unless INTEGRITY > 32, Away Team infected. They beam back and opponent immediately controls ship and crew until "stopped". Then turn resumes.
"Intelligent parasites enter and take control of a humanoid. Their presence can be detected by a gill like protrusion on the back of a host's neck."
This is the one card to use against those opponents who love redshirting. Or of course against those who just love green cards. For the latter type, here's a great one: Seed Yuta, Armus and Alien Parasites. With Yuta, take out a high Integrity guy who's not vital to the mission requirements. Armus kills off the next one, and with any luck the away team is now below 32 INTEGRITY but still capable of solving the mission. They hit the Parasites and you thank your opponent for the points and the Artifact. Oh, and if you have some extra seeding room, add a Q-Flash. In the unlikely case he actually has the 32 INTEGRITY, he'll have to cope with a decent number of Q-cards.

Now of course you can't assume your opponent is going to play green, but in the times of Yuta/Barclay and Brain Drain, very few people risk a planet deck without redshirts. And a redshirt at the right time can be very expensive. Here's a few ideas what to do with a crew that's temporarily yours...

So with all these possibilities, why don't people play it more often ? Simple. It is Planet only, thus useless if your opponent plays pure space. But there's one place where Alien Parasites is a very good card: In a Q's Tent, waiting for Q's Planet. After all, what is better than stopping your opponent from getting that key Artifact ? Right. Getting it yourself.

Favorite combo(s):
Wesley's rating:                7.5
Allen's rating: 6.0 Cpt. Stasis' rating: 7.5 Cpt. Targ's rating: 6.0 Dr. R'Mor's rating: 5.5 EHCCGPP's rating: 4.5 Gowron's rating: 8.8 Hal's rating: 5.4 Locutus' rating: 7.0 Mot's rating: 8.5 Picarde's rating: 8.5 Ranger's rating: 4.8 Rothspar's rating: 8.5 Sirol's rating: 4.6 Tebok's rating: 8.9 Tony's rating: 7.8 Vox's rating: 8.0 ---------------------- AVERAGE RATING: 6.3

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