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Personnel, Non-aligned, rare FA / VOY.
Integrity 5
Cunning 6
Strength 7
CIVILIAN, Navigation x2, Transporter Skill, SECURITY, Treachery (may convert to Honor for rest of game), Staff Star, AU icon.
"Convicted traitor. Maquis sympathizer. Best pilot Harry Kim has ever seen. In an alternate reality, a bar fight cost Tom Paris his future aboard the U.S.S. Voyager."
And yet another new dual classification for the Naiskos fans among us. And for exactly these guys, Tom has another nice bonus - his AU icon which mean you can stuff him into the nearest Cryo and uncover him along with the Artifact. As for other skills, you get the, well, not-so-great-yet Transporter Skill (although Mot recently uncovered a few semi-decent uses for beaming prevention cards) and a double Navigation. The latter is not that bad if you build a deck around increasing your travel speed while slowing your opponent's movement. Just add FGC-47 and you'll have a decent movement advantage. Not that you'd want to necessarily solve FGC-47 ;-). But as a Dilemma sucker and one-sided spaceline blocker that mission has its own merits. Of course in this strategy you might also want to have a Near-Warp transport or two, giving Tom's Transporter skill even a slightly useful aspect.

Last, the Treachery / Honor thing. Try this with Romulans. There are several decent missions for the Rommies that require one Honor, but Rommies with Honor usually s*ck and then, all these missions with Treachery just wait to be solved. Or, if your opponent is notoriously good at guessing Outpost Raid right, play Klingon and have a single Treachery mission as your outpost location. Your opponent will most probably pay no attention to it (hey, you are playing a Diphole deck), so just place your outpost there and grab a quick 35 or 40 before he even noticed what happened. Then switch Tom and continue in your regular Diphole ways. Maybe not the all-out power personnel, but a good incarnation of Tom and a lot of flavor on the card.

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : THOMAS PARIS

Wesley's rating:                6.8
Cpt. Stasis' rating:            5.5
Cpt. Targ's rating:             7.5
Data's rating:                  7.3
Dr. R'Mor's rating:             7.2
EHCCGPP's rating:               7.5
Gowron's rating:                6.6
Hal's rating:                   7.9
Humuhumunukunukuapua'a's rtg.:  6.9
John's rating:                  8.0
Jon Walker's rating:            7.0
Jono's rating:                  5.3
Locutus' rating:                7.5
Mot's rating:                   8.0
Nanite's rating:               10.0
Picarde's rating:               7.0
Ranger's rating:                6.9
Rothspar's rating:              6.7
Sirna's rating:                 5.0
Tebok's rating:                 7.5
Tony's rating:                  8.0
Worf's rating:                  5.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 7.0

And now for a totally different idea: Right after I released the Mannheim Expansion Dream Card Parody set, two players suggested to use some of those cards to overcome the "reviewable cards" shortage. Well, I'll leave it up to you. If the majority wants to see some reviews of Mannheim cards I will review a number of those. If you'd prefer real cards (however I think there are less than 15 review-worthy cards left), I'll do my best to find the most interesting ones out of the not yet done 240.

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