Wesley's STCCG card of the day #382

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Hi, folks,

here's the opposite of Warped Space:

Internet Expansion IV, 5th place, by Pakled Captain.


Mission - Federation/Klingon - Space - Span 7-X
"Necrite Expanse: Find shortcut through vast anomaly."
Navigation x 2 + Stellar Cartography + Astrophysics
[35 Points] If you solve, X=5
[Quick note - on the submission the raters got, the skill requirement was "Navigation x2 + Stellar Cartography - Astrophysics" (note the - sign). Many (including myself) wanted to know if this meant that you had to have no Astrophysics present to solve. What it is was a typo in the submission or Wes' retype. But it's a cool idea, for those who care to write it down for IE5. Anyways, some ratings may reflect whatever impression they got from the - sign.]

4 skills including a double Navigation requirement is not too easy a mission with just a 35 score. But then there's the catch with the Span. A 7 span is a hefty spaceline blocker (highly efficient against those notorious Husnock users ;-) ) and you should be able to find uses for that (for example how about slapping a Gaps in Normal Space on it ?)

[Actually, the Navigation is the least of your worries. I mean, I can't remember the last time I was stuck for a Navigation skill. (Well OK. Maybe once.) And Cartography and Astrophysics are in enough missions, that this mission could fit very nicely into the scheme of things. So I think 35 points is about right - 40 would be too much.]

The only problem with this blocker is you get blocked yourself. While you can eliminate part of this problem by seeding the card in a location where you think it hurts your opponent more than yourself, the better way is to solve the mission and gain a substantial speed advantage (especially if you managed to surround the Expanse with Span 3 cards - you can jump 3-2-3 with any Range 8 ship while your opponent will have to stop twice on a 3-7-3 unless he's using AU ships.

Affiliation-wise the mission is a bit better suited for Feds than for Klingons although both have a three person solution available. Nice and balanced card, but it requires some combos to make maximum use of it.

Favorite combo(s):

Ratings for : CHART EXPANSE

Wesley's rating:                5.0
Allen's rating:                 6.0
Cpt. Targ's rating:             6.0
Data's rating:                  6.0
Dr. R'Mor's rating:             7.8  
EHCCGPP's rating:               5.7
Hal's rating:                   6.0
Humuhumunukunukuapua'a's rtg.:  4.5
John's rating:                  3.0
Jon Walker's rating:            6.5
Jono's rating:                  6.7
Locutus' rating:                7.0
Mot's rating:                   7.0
Nanite's rating:                6.0
Picarde's rating:               6.0
Ranger's rating:                7.0
Rothspar's rating:              6.0
Sirna's rating:                 8.0
Tebok's rating:                 7.0
Tony's rating:                  8.5
Worf's rating:                  6.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 6.3

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