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I'm gonna break with some tradition today (the fact that it's always the numbers evenly divisible by 25 that get the special articles), but I think that after this little hiatus you have maybe deserved more than just one card...

...or two...

...or four...

...how about 12?

So let's jump right into...


Missions, Planet, 25, 30 or 35 pts, 2PG common.
(I won't bother listing all game stats and lore - check the Decipher site for the spoilers)
Wow, 12 cards that would never get a COTD review of their own. But maybe they are just worth a review when seen together. They do have a lot in common, namely they are fairly low point planet only missions that have low requirements when it comes to odd skills. Many of them require a very common skill plus an attribute total or even just classifications and some attributes.

Now these cards were created for one thing: To be able to play quite well with only common cards. But then who says you can't play them in a regular deck with a few rares?

So let's take two rares. Just for a convenient example I'll pick Kitrik and Dr. Graves. Oh, they both have Cybernetics. Let's throw in an Android or seven. And Kitrik is by chance a male Klingon? Cool, let's also use K'ChiQ. Oops, lotsa commons. Now for a few missions. Cargo Rendezvous? Sure - K'ChiQ is a great Physicist and the rest is something for my androids. Reported Activity? K'ChiQ will do the navigation stuff and don't tell me you don't have two ENGINEER droids. Distress mission? Oh, K'ChiQ can stay home for a change. Avert Danger? No problem. Hostage Situation? Wait, can't those Androids choose their classifications when reporting? Reopen Dig or a Good Place to Die? I'm sure K'ChiQ will have the right ideas. Sensitive Search? Hmmm, I haven't seen an android that isn't competent with computers.

Wait, was that seven usable missions?

And what more, they are all planets (convenient hiding places for Artifacts) and with 3 35s in the mix, you can even try to win with 3 missions even though you have low-scoring stuff there.

Now where's the catch? Those Androids have rather high attributes, they always have the classification you just need, they are immune to a few of the nastier Dilemmas and they even get to choose their sex just in case someone has a Matriarchal Society waiting.

Dangers? A few. Shaka - use Dathon or a few Klingon Diplomats as support. Sheliak / Q - better hold a Q2. And Chinese Finger Puzzle - well, if you hit this one without redshirting, you're royally scr*wed. So better have a Full Planet Scan. Armus and other certain killers can also hurt. Oh, almost forgot one: Q-Flash. You need more than just one or two guys for these missions, so a Flash might actually get to do some harm. BTW, this deck skeleton was just an example. Many others work just as well. You can concentrate on building your crew for Dilemma busting and the missions themselves are very easy to pass with a few people.

They might be missions for beginners, but the experienced player might just use them for his own fiendish purposes ;-)

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