The hardest STCCG puzzle ever

with solution and update

Remember the legendary Wesley's 300 point turn? If so, you might also remember that I had to withdraw my solution because it relied on a use of Sam Clemens' Pocketwatch that was ruled illegal.

But... We now have QC! And Wesley's 300 point turn is back, legal and even better!

Here's the rules again:

A few card rules:

Less than 50 Ahem, quite nice. For a Pakled.
51 - 100 Go back to the Academy, Cadet!
101 - 150 Ensign, you may report for duty.
151 - 200 Not bad, Lieutenant. In ten years you might be someone.
201 - 240 Commander, you have a career in front of yourself.
241 - 270 This is what Enterprise Captains are made of.
271 - 299 Starfleet should offer you a job in the Admirality.
300 - 319 The Traveler recognizes your potential.
320 - 339 Rakal? Tomek? Or which Semi-Q was that?
340 Hey! Ya sure you didn't look at my solution?
341 or more Okay, instantly mail me *that*. You beat me, so you should get your deserved public recognition. That is, if yours is legal ;-)

Okay, now try it. Have Fun!


Click here for solution or update